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How to prepare your child and yourself for the first day of kindergarten.

When the newborn starts growing and is of 3 years or more the parents get the child admitted to kindergarten. The start of every new school is a special occasion, the first day of school may be the biggest learning milestone but the schools were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The start of the school year can be even more memorable for kids who have just said bye to their preschool.

Below are a few ways which help in getting ready the child and parents for his kindergarten.

The first is Meet the Teacher. It is very important for the child to visit their new school. An as in-person visit will help them in preparing for this change in their lives and this will also help to remove their fear of many small things like seeing where the washroom is and where to put their belongings.

The next important thing is to Practice Getting Ready. It gets a bit tough for the kids to adapt to the early morning routine of getting up. If the child is new to formal education they may face the mornings more of an adjustment. A teacher with more than 15 years of experience, Julie Keyes says, A key thing to consider when starting school is to focus on making the unknown known as far as possible. She further suggests that parents should practice the journey to school with their children before the term even starts.

The next is to Master Basic Skills. The children who have a few basic skills under their belt have to feel more comfortable in class. Kindergarten is where children learn basic skills and develop learning habits that will last their lives. If the child can already can count to ten and knows how to hold a pencil, and dress themselves, it will be easier for such students to adjust. Parents can help the child to teach them basic skills like coloring, getting dressed, chatting, etc.

The next is Role Play Self-Care Skills. The little ones need to know how to take care of their needs when they enter a formal school. This includes going to the bathroom, dressing, washing their hands, and so on. Thus, the best way to make them prepare for these expectations is to practice, practice, and practice. Parents should make sure that their children are washing their hands well and following proper hygiene practices. Parents should teach the child to sneeze or blow their nose in a tissue and then throw it away, getting them used to washing hands properly.

The next is to Get Social. Kindergarten is a time for making new friends and learning how to get along with others. The students share good manners, try to arrange play dates, and practice social skills.

The next interesting activity is Go Shopping. The children get excited about their new backpacks. Pencil case, lunch box. A water bottle

Relax and Let Go. The most important thing the parents can do to prepare their child for the first day of their school is to simply relax and be comfortable. There are practical things you can do to be ready for school like labeling their clothes with their name. make the child practice putting their shoes on the correct feet. Once children are off at school parents need to let go and allow their child to explore their new learning environment. Parents should lay a foundation to help them be happy, confident little souls who are as independent as they can be. Children must learn life skills, not only school skills.

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