About us

Award winning team of professional teachers and administrators, providing quality kindergarten education and day care facilities in Faridabad. We have vast experience of both Preschool education and provision of world class day care facilities.

Our Mission

We focus to give support and guidance during the developing phase of the child, so as to groom them as future leaders. At Apple Seeds playschool, we ensure learning with fun in a safe and secured environment. 

Play School in Greater Faridabad
Play School in Faridabad Sector 21C

Our Philosophy

Education for all, All for education. We aim our kids to invent and innovate new ideas thus enabling students to create their own ways rather than inherit from others

Who we are

AppleSeeds means nurturing young seedlings at an early stage of life so that they nurture into a tree each so unique and beautiful. We firmly believe that kids should learn to be more curious instead of mugging up concepts so we make learning a joyride for young minds. We at Appleseeds nursery school Faridabad, strives to enhance the individuality of little champs by providing them the environment to explore, express, experiment, discover and invent new ideas 

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Come meet us up close

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest schooling services

Play School in Sector 15A Faridabad

Shilpa Taneja

Centre Head Sector 15A Faridabad

Play School Sector 82 Faridabad

Ritu Singh

Centre Head Sector 82 Faridabad

Monica Chaudhary

Center Head Sector 21D Faridabad

Play School in Sector 15A Faridabad

Nisha Sharma


Jasleen kaur

Centre Head Sector 28 center head

Puneeta Sant

Centre Head Sector 88 faridabadd